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Chapter 21, page 38

Announcing CA: Extended Edition!, starting Monday March 10th! CA is being reposted in its entirety over at SmackJeeves, along with extra art and bonus comic pages not included in the original run. Check it out!!

September 14th, 2013. Well, we have finally come to the end of our journey. After a little over five years, Cardboard Angel is complete. This was my longest web comic to date, and actually one of my oldest. I had originally printed it in Fractured Kisses, which was a comic anthology Gina Biggs (Red String) and I used to put out. That was back in 2004. After FK ended, we both focused on web comics. I revamped and expanded an old series, TV CIRCUIT, and then went on to do Ganbare! Shimura-san. Once GSS was finished, I decided to revisit Cardboard Angel. Several people had asked if I was ever going to continue it, and I decided 2008 was the year of CA! It started July 2nd, and I posted the first 19 pages of Mayuko and Yuuji's adventures that first update.

Over 750 pages later Yuuji is finally at rest. (Sort of. I'd imagine he's bugging his sister or chatting with Mayuko's great-grandmother!) Now, I know it's not always been a smooth ride with this comic. There were a lot of ups and downs, both in it, and surrounding it. The art and storylines may not have been always up to par with what one might (hopefully!) expect from me, and for that I apologize.

I had, during the course of these 5 years, developed several health and personal problems that hindered my ability to work on it. Sometimes updates were pushed back, sometimes they just didn't happen, and I'm sorry. I thank you ALL for sticking with it to the end, even through the rough patches. This is a story I had wanted to tell since 2001, and I'm so glad I was able to stick with it, myself, and not give up. I couldn't let Yuuji down, now, could I? No way! I trudged on. And I never thought this day would come, even though it had been planned out since the first rough draft.

It's a bit bittersweet, since I won't be returning to the webcomic circuit for a few months (besides work for Filthy Figments). It will be weird not posting every week, but during my down time I will be working on developing my next series, which I hope to post more information about in the future on various sites (here, of course!) and on my crazy tumblr. I will also be continuing my pursuit of a higher education. I sincerely hope that you all have enjoyed Cardboard Angel, and that you come back every so often to read through it. In the future, I'd like to reprint it all in book form. Until then, it will remain here for everyone to see! At any rate, I am rambling horribly. Go finish the comic! And please feel free ot let me know what you thought of it all.

Thank you all for everything. See you later.

"I will never forget you, and even if there're tears they will not flow, because you live on in my heart."--Acid Black Cherry, "Fuyu no Maboroshi" (Winter's Illusion)

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