These are some frequently asked questions. Please check here before emailing with a question.

When do you update the comic?
Updates are five times a week, Monday through Friday.

Didn't you do this story before?
I originally published the first chapter of Cardboard Angel back in 2004 in the Fractured Kisses anthology series. Four years later I have dusted it off, redone the first chapter, and turned the story into my next webcomic series.

I like this story a lot and want to support your work. How can I do this?
You can link to the web site, tell your friends about Cardboard Angel and where to find it, make a donation, commission me to do art, send me things you've made (fan art, fan fics, poems, songs, cosplay photos, etc.). Really, any way you can thinks of to support Cardboard Angel is good.

Can I review your comic for my zine/magazine/online site?
The more exposure for the comic, the better! If you would like to review this series, please feel free. I only ask that you write me an email and let me know where I can read it.

Can I send you fan art?
ABSOLUTELY! I absolutely LOVE fan art!

Can I link to your site?
Yes you can! This site is LINK FREE which means you can link to my site without asking. I even have some banners made up that you can download and use. Your support is appreciated!

Q. I don't use PayPal/live outside the US. How else can I pay?
A. I accept money orders and personal checks as well as PayPal. Cash isn't recommended. If you know what you'd like to purchase, e-mail me with what you would like, how many, your name, and address. I will calculate shipping costs (I will ship internationally, too!) and e-mail the total back to you with an address you can send payment to. Once the payment is received, I'll send out the books!
Q. What's the difference between preorder and regular order? When will preorders ship?
A. Preorder is when you put money down on an item that isn't available yet. Everything else is already in stock. Preorder items will ship within a week of receiving them from our printers. If you order a book and a preorder item, they will be shipped once the preorder item is in stock.
Q. Do you do refunds?
A. As of right now, only damaged goods will be refunded.
Q. I have another question!
A. Feel free to e-mail me with it!

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