On March 11th, 2011, the lives of millions of people were changed forever. Read below to see what you can do to help them get back on their feet.


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I, like many of you, have been deeply shaken by the natural disasters that have struck Japan this month. As a lot of you know, it's like a second home to me. I wanted to be able to do something to help out a country whose people have made me feel welcome over and over again. I want to give back, and so, with the help of some friends and the fine folks at, I've designed a wristband for those of you who would like to support, and show your support.
The wristbands are HERE! Check them out!! There is a limited quantity of 200 for the first run. Each wristband costs $5.00, plus $3.50 shipping for US. (May be extra for overseas.) Currently only Paypal payments are accepted but if enough people show interest I will try to open up other avenues of payment.
Wristbands are white with red print, "FOR JAPAN, FOR THE WORLD. 3.11.11" on them. They are simple, but to the point. ALL PROFITS DIRECTLY BENEFIT THE VICTIMS OF THE TOHOKU EARTHQUAKE & TSUNAMI through REDCROSS.ORG. I am not profiting from this in any way. I only want to help, and I hope some of you can, too. You will recieve notification of shipment.

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