Everything earned here helps the artist with comic-making supplies, web-hosting, graphic novel printing, and other such things. Every time you donate, you get the chance to receive an exclusive wallpaper! Also, for every $100 reached in donations, I will post a bonus comic on the site. Once you have sent a donation, you will recieve an email with instructions on how to download the wallpaper. If the email you use to pay with PayPal is DIFFERENT than your normal email address, please leave a note when you donate with the address you will check most often.

The following is a donation meter set up with PayPal that will automatically show how much we have reached in donations. Clicking on it will go straight to PayPal to donate!

Current Wallpapers:

Mayuko and Yuuji: Donate $1-$10 to receive this wallpaper!

Mayuko, Shige, & Satoru: Donate $11-$20 to receive this wallpaper!

Donations Q&A:

Q. How much do I have to donate to recieve a wallpaper?
A. You can donate any amount, be it one cent or $100. Specific donation increments can get you specific wallpapers.
Q. What size is the wallpaper? Can I specify the resolution?
A. Of course! When using PayPal to donate, please leave a note with the size you would like. If you do not leave a note, I will supply the default (largest) size and you can resize accordingly.
Q. I donated, but I didn't get the email with instructions yet. Where is it?
A. I will send an email to the PayPal-listed email address you used to donate. If you do not use that address for anything else, please leave a NOTE when you donate with the email address to send instructions to!
Q. I don't use PayPal; can I still donate?
A. Yes! email me and we can go from there.
Q. I have a question not listed here!
A. Email me at the address listed in the above answer then :)

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